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American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, is an American multinational finance and insurance corporation with operations in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. As of January 1, 2019, AIG companies employed 49,600 people. The company operates through three core businesses: General Insurance, Life & Retirement, and a standalone technology-enabled subsidiary. General Insurance includes Commercial, Personal Insurance, U.S. and International field operations. Life & Retirement includes Group Retirement, Individual Retirement, Life, and Institutional Markets.

Recently a employee from San Diego, CA shared his experience published by Indeed, of how it is to work for American International Group: Working for AIG Direct for 2 years as an account executive made me realize some of these companies care for about quantity over quality. At first the quality of leads was great but eventually started getting the worst leads ever. Management sucks and your hourly is taken from your commission. The process of selling life insurance is awful as well. They want us to sell aig even though the underwriting team takes months to get people approved


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Licensed Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my job as a Licensed Agent. However, I do not have any recommendations for the commentsno comments"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"I did a job meant for 4 people, without being compensated. Raise freezes. Was laid off due to the bailout. Supervisor had no idea what she was doing and enjoyed picking on people. Raises were not given on your job performance, but on how much you fawned over your boss.40 hours a week jobShort break, no compensation"

Interoffice Messenger (Former Employee) says

"I cannot speak for the persons employed there now. I left this place many years ago. I do recall there being no real support for employees who got caught up in office politics there.Got off earlier on FridaysOffice politics, bullying, bad management"

Licensed Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea but I don't really look at life insurance sales as something that will sustain an agent for a long period of time. It could have just been the fact that I didn't buy into the system that they had going on"

Marketing Analysts / Agents Payroll / Group Admn (Former Employee) says

"When I worked there, they had job posting to future an employees career. I liked working for this company. The reason I left, I had the opportunity to take time off from working to take care of my family."

Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Throughout the time I worked at American General Life Insurance Company, I enjoyed the opportunities to work in various departments and rolls. It was a great learning experience for an entry level staff accountant."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Reviewed insurance products and needs for clients and updated profiles. Made collections for current insurance products and attempted sales for new products. Requested new contacts for potential sales and insurance reviews. Developing client confidence and desire for insurance products can be difficult to accomplish. Meeting new clients was enjoyable.operating laptop and handling clients files., promoting need for insurance and benefits of insurance products.having sales quotas to meet as new agent while developing client confidence."

Customer Service Representative III (Current Employee) says

"This company was great when I started out but as months passed I got to see what kind of people I was working with and began to dislike the work environment. Managers were not really helpful and were hard to get a hold of."

Replacement/ Exchange Specialist (Former Employee) says

"American General was a very nice place to work at. The Management(some) and employees are wonderful! It's almost like a big family. A typical day would be to come in a review life applications for replacements.I would have to contact the agent or agencies and notify them of anything that was needed to get the policy out.I learned how to be better at teamwork. Working there also taught me to work independently and make critical decisions by myself because a manager wasn't always around. I became more organized and it taught me how to be more detailed in my work.Overall it is a enjoyable company but balancing work and home life because you have to take certain classes and volunteer which isn't bad , but it became a must instead of a want which makes it take away from the competitive nature of a job.Also not enough advancement for all environment, co-workers, different opportunititesnot enough advancement opportunities, hard to balance work/life"

Kathy says

"Tech department is rude. I have issues & still have & yet NO ONE will help me w/o yelling at me."

Nigel No I’m not going to accept the terms and con says

"If it was up to me you wouldn’t have any customers at all I tried to get a refund on my credit card for the second battery that I bought for $200 that I was unable to send over to Africa because the customers wouldn’t allow it it’s still in its original box it was never opened but whoever I spoke to refuse to take it back because they had and you have a new rule apparently and of course as you know I’ve course you have a new rule because you know that’s what you do when you have a new rule he said everybody have a new rule and you know of course it’s all Crap and I’m extremely angry and frustrated because if you really wanted to take it back it is nothing that you would why wouldn’t you take it back it’s because there’s nothing wrong with that it’s still in the same box as all the labels on it it’s in the spare it says it still is as a serial number on the box it says that it is a replacement battery is brand new I have not taken out of the box they took it out of the box with the machine so your guy says there’s no way You could take it back and refund my card because it’s been three weeks probably closer to two but he said three weeks and there was absolutely no way that you could take this battery back and refund my credit Because of the new rule needless to say I’m not a happy camper I was when I spoke to the other guy last night And he said that you would be able to reverse the charge and I would be able to send the battery to you and that would be it but apparently due to the new rule that’s not possible so I am out of pocket $200 and I’ve got this bloody battery I can’t do anything with it so genius over this is oh that’s OK just sell it over the Internet well that’s fine but it’s still gonna cost me more I just want the battery return to you I have first class FedEx envelope so I can stick it in there and you can have it overnight and you can refund my bloody credit card for $200 if it was my business I would not have a new rule especially not after three weeks after he says well it’s really two weeks we can’t do it after two weeks but of course I was never informed of your new rule and it was no sticker on the box to say I have 14 days or two weeks to return it so I called on Monday I was too late so I get to eat $200 and look at this fantastic battery that does Absolutely F all ,all because you have a new rule Which really is like theft so I will tell everybody that I can that you suck and you better hope that it works when I get to South Africa otherwise there’s going to be an international incident where the entire country of South Africa is going to hear about it trust me so no I’m not happy now you could go a long way to relieve my unhappiness But just refunding my credit card and taking the battery back problem solved how hot is that apart from having to get over the new rule Nigel roffey who spent $3000 with you buying a new machine bought a spare battery just in case and I’m the idiotSo I hope you find this report useful as a review and I hope you find your way clear to distributing it to all your customers as a listen to anybody who might want to do business with you that you have a new rule and if you’re not careful you’ll lose your shorts or your pants which ever one or both"

Marcella Manslow says

"Be wary. Do not buy from this place I purchased g4 in May and the battery went they never sent me a label. They have to receive your broken one first they want you to buy a new one from them first 325.00 even tho the battery is warranted for 1 yr. I am on oxygen 24/7. So I cannot leave the house Courtney was extremely rude she finally sent me a box last week Nick was sending me a canula twice never received it. Terrible customer service. My doctor had to give me one the machine kept telling me check canula. It must of had a defect . I was getting no oxygen out of the machine. This company 's policy is way more important than the patients. Buy from the inogen directly they will honor the warranty send you. A new one send the old one back in the box. Buyer beware!!!"

Matt Hudak says

"What happened? When it came to buying a machine i was always getting calls and emails. I have had issues with my g3 for 7 months. I keep messaging and no responses. None. I would have to look for invoice but i started notifying inside the first year."

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